Aine Duffy is an Irish singer- songwriter. We got to know Aine during the Solitaire Urgo Le Figaro stopover in Kinsale, where we celebrated our sponsored sailor Joan Mulloy. Following the end of the official reception at the Blue Heaven Hotel prodigious guitar sounds suddenly echoed out from the sound system, putting a stop to the general murmuring of the crowd, all eyes turned to the stage. The young woman standing on stage single handedly transformed the placid event into a proper party, armed only with her electric guitar and pedal. Punky riffs to Dancehall and Irish classics coupled with her powerful voice captured everyone’s attention in an instant and held it long into the night.

Aine Duffy is a superstar and one seriously courageous and crazy-talented woman.

Rock on Aine – #believeingrace

Age : 36

Profession: Musician, performer, songwriter.

Can you describe yourself using 3/5 words?

Passionate, fun, motivated.

What motivates you?

Nature, reading, friends, making a living, being creative. Meeting people and hearing their stories.

What story in your life made you the person you are today?

This is a hard question, as the more I see my niece , friends children and work with children , I see you can develop your character at a very young age. Everything from there on, is in your hands. I think having a a smaller good group of friends that are there for you and you them, helps. 

When I stopped running around to please others except the people worthwhile in my life after my 20s, gave me time to be the best version of myself and I only aim to keep learning and improving.

Which people/ person did influence you the most?

I think I’d have to say Tomi Ungerer, and his daughter Aria. 

Which historic figure would like to have known/ lived side by side at? 

My friend ciara was telling me of Mug Ruith (or Mogh Roith, “slave of the wheel”) a figure in Irish mythology, a powerful blind druid of Munster who lived on Valentia Island, County Kerry. He could grow to enormous size, and his breath caused storms and turned men to stone. He wore a hornless bull-hide and a bird mask, and flew in a machine called the roth rámach, the “oared wheel”. He had an ox-driven chariot in which night was as bright as day, a star-speckled black shield with a silver rim, and a stone which could turn into a poisonous eel when thrown in water. 

His daughter was red haired Tlachtga was a powerful druidess. She accompanied him on his world travels, learning his magical secrets and discovering sacred stones in Italy.

I reckon that would have made for a very interesting Neighbour.  

What was the toughest decision you’ve had to make in your life?

Committing to a life of music.

What do you love doing the most?

It’s hard to choose , as I love my space to write music do the garden, be by the sea, build something…. but I also really enjoy good company and feeding them .

What is the most fascinating thing about your profession?

It’s so far from boring and you can never know where the next adventure will be. 

When you think about Grace O’Malley – what’s the Grace in you?

Well being in a male dominated industry, we have that in common but I love the sea and outdoors and adventures and acting on my ideas.

What would you still like to achieve in life?

I’d like to build my own house. Play more gigs, write more tunes and travel to places I haven’t yet seen.

What’s your favourite drink?

Water I can’t get enough! But that being said I’ve had a glass of Grace O’Malley whiskey and it’s  really nice, easy to drink , lovely to sip. 

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